Latest Adderall Alternatives – OTC Natural and Non-Natural Substitutes

Adderall is a combination therapy of 4 different amphetamine salts, the demand for Adderall has increased in recent years, not because of ADD or ADHD but a lot more serious issue.

Youngsters these days find Adderall as a chemical alerting agent which improves the mental energy and focus at work and night outs.

It was a study conducted in 2012, the year alone has over 16 million Adderall prescriptions between the ages of 20-40.

It is a valid report from the same year that 116,000 people were registered to the rehabilitation center to quit the drug. [1]

By looking at the mechanism of Adderall which is responsible for improving the focus and energy, many celebrities including Bella Thorne and Liam Hemsworth tried the natural alternatives which usually work as a replacement of Adderall.

The secret behind Adderall Potential Effects

Millions of people who consume Adderall usually don’t know how it actually works.

what is adderall

Well, it’s a combination of 4 amphetamine salts as we mentioned earlier, these by nature are psychostimulants that modulate the parts of the brain which responsible for focus, mood alertness, and attention.

The drug was initially developed to treat ADHD in children aged 4-17 which later on gazed for its amphetamine content.

In many parts of America and other regions of the world where have been taking Adderall since their childhood still wonders why they are still taking it. [2]

The results gathered from different studies about Adderall, that it helps in regular mental focus and concentration which allows a person to work efficiently.

The truth behind the Adderall effect is it works out good for already mentally enhanced people, this gives them an idea of whether the drug is getting worse or did nothing.

Quitting Adderall can lead to some major withdrawal symptoms which include appetite suppression, palpitation, high blood pressure, and irregular sleep cycle.

Despite being dangerous to health, many people are buying Adderall although having no prescriptions in their hands.

This is why it is nearly impossible to identify which person is having substance abuse and getting all the good lucks in life.

It means so much to them who are using chemically induced focus for their professional and mental boost but beware of the nasty Adderall side effects.

5 Best Natural Alternatives to Adderall

over the counter stimulants similar to adderall
1) Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are known to repair the damaged brain cells and almost works like Adderall without the side effects.

The supplements which contain Omega-3 fatty acids are not enough to provide you the exact quantity required by per day.

About 2,500 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids should be in your diet per day which comes from walnut, fish, chia seeds, etc.

2) Protein

Protein is the essential nutrients for the focus, some important protein like amino acids and tryptophan helps to create the neurotransmitters in the brain which produce the calming effects.

Whether you take protein supplements or obtain it from the natural diet, there is a chance your focus level will increase by 500%.

3) Cacao

This one is for the creative stimulation in a person Cacao has also been used in many party drugs or even in making chocolates.

In a controlled dosage, the amount of Cacao is enough to increase the level of Dopamine and helps in creative skills.

The recommended dosage of cacao is 2 tablespoons per day.

4) Zinc

Zinc is the main ingredient if you are looking for staying focused and not restless at all.

To reduce impulsiveness, Zinc is an important mineral that also raises the level of testosterone in males.

20 mg of Zinc in your regular diet is enough to keep you focused and mentally stable, the rich sources are beef, kidney beans, shrimps and spinach.

5) Magnesium

For calming effects, Magnesium is out final natural Adderall alternative which helps in treating insomnia.

Magnesium is also potent against the symptoms of ADHD and ADD, it helps in fighting against restlessness, hyperactive movements, and insomnia.

Other Natural Adderall Alternatives and OTC Substitutes

It is important to know that one of Adderall prime effect is the production of Dopamine in the brain.

This is considered the hormone of joy and this exceeding level of dopamine pushes your body to go for “Down-Regulation”.

Some natural solutions for this condition to overcome are:

1) Rhodiola Rosea

After stopping the Adderall you will feel some level of stress to which the best solution is to consume the herbal plant extract.

It’s a natural Adaptogen that helps your body recover from the stress and adapt to it.

2) Mucuna Pruriens

Providing your body any more Dopamine is not the solution here but something that may help your brain recover from the Down-Regulation.

This is where the Mucuna plant act as a source of L-Dopa which ease the burden of Dopamine levels in your brain.

There are also other natural Adderall alternatives such as N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, L-Tyrosine which can be beneficial in improving Dopamine secretion.

Adderall Alternatives that Work- Non-Natural

over the counter natural alternative to adderall substitutes

Once you have overcome the Adderall withdrawal symptoms, it’s time to get your focus and concentration back as before. But this time there are some other ways, although they are similar to Adderall but are way less dramatic when it comes to the side effects.

1) Modafinil

Men and women who are scared of quitting Adderall since they know it will affect their work performance.

The simple and less destructive solution is Modafinil which comes by the brand name Provigil.

The formula has been approved and recommended by the world-renowned neurologists Tim Ferriss and Dave Asprey.

Modafinil is a major tool for improving brain power and helps to find your way out from Adderall withdrawal symptoms.

The efficacy of Modafinil was judged in a study where it was given to the Methamphetamine addicted patients which is a way more dangerous chemical than Adderall.

The results were improved cognition and memory in those patients after starting modafinil.

One study showed the effect of Modafinil in military personals who have been wake for 2 days (64 hours of duty). The effects were prevention of mood and mental performance which is similar to the higher dose of Adderall.

Modafinil is a powerful stimulant that is available in many parts of the world on prescription. But it doesn’t mean it is free from the side effects, those who are looking for Adderall alternatives, on the other hand, would find it beneficial.

There are pharmacies where modafinil is available as a Nootropic drug along with other natural nootropic supplements.

2) Phenylpiracetam

Belongs to the Racetam group, the new drug is the most effective in the family.

Some of the major indications of Phenylpiracetam make it an eligible candidate to become the Adderall alternative.

It is powerful for the following purposes.

  • Remarkable Stimulation – Phenylpiracetam is considered the stimulating substance by the anti-doping committee, this is why it is under banned substance and its use in any Olympic games is strictly prohibited.
  • Mood Enhancement – Adderall users always struggle with their mood so it’s a nice alternative for mood elation.
  • Concentration Enhancement – The compound holds the ability to improve the focus and attention which is why it is used as an Adderall alternative.

For someone who has been affected by Adderall withdrawal symptoms and used Phenylpiracetam showed positive results in brain QEEG.

Some other members of racetam family work like Phenylpiracetam in improving the mental status and get over from Adderall withdrawal symptoms.

  • Fasoracetam – this drug was in fact tested for use in ADHD so there is evidence fasoracetam has stimulating effects.
  • Coluracetam – works by a mechanism called high-affinity choline uptake (HACU).
  • Pramiracetam – not great tasting, but can be very stimulating.
  • Oxiracetam / Aniracetam – less stimulating, but more sustainable (and can be taken in multiple doses daily)
  • Piracetam – the racetam that started it all, but least stimulating.
3) Ephedrine and Coffee

They both are quite expressively stimulants but shouldn’t be combined at all. For most people both coffee and ephedrine works for adrenal gland supports and find it very tolerating.

Caffeine is the natural stimulant which many people consume daily around the world. Caffeine by nature builds up a tolerance which is a negative site considering it as an Adderall alternative.

On the other hand, Ephedrine impacts the Dopamine hormone level in a similar way as Adderall. The additional effects are feelings of euphoria and happiness with enhanced focus and stimulation.

For someone who is running with the cardiovascular issues, never use the high dose of either any of these compounds.


We as a human always thrive to find the shortcuts to good feelings and attentive brain.

best adderall alternative

Adderall, offer almost everything that we are greedy for in such an indefensible way that sometimes it takes a piece from you every time.

The agonizing side effects by Adderall are the reason why we are pushed to seek the natural alternatives which are safer than the original drug.

Thousands of people search for legal Adderall or Adderall Over the Counter alternatives and this is where you must, fortunately, stuck at.

Most of the times people do not get what they actually want and end themselves up using the phony chemical compound which is not good just as Adderall.

Our selection of natural and non-natural alternatives to Adderall can definitely help you find a better solution for your low focused and stressed our life.